Our team includes Legal Assistant Marisa Gummin and Paralegal Don Miller. Our philosophy is to work together as a team with our client, witnesses, and experts to creatively problem-solve until we achieve the best solution for our client.

Marisa Gummin

Marisa Gummin studies Business Law at the University of St. Thomas (MN). Marisa participates in all aspects of case development and litigation through trial. Marisa is passionate about criminal defense and her goal is to become a criminal defense lawyer based on the impact she’s already helped make in our clients’ lives.

Don Miller

Don Miller serves as our paralegal. Don has a background in electronics and ran a successful business for many years in northern Wisconsin. Don is a self-taught individual who brings a very meticulous, detail-oriented focus to cases, and has incredible passion for protecting our clients’ rights and achieving a just outcome in every case.

Wrongful Death Claims

Our firm has helped clients whose loved one has been killed through tragic events in which another individual was negligent in causing the death. The emotional devastation of losing a loved one is extremely difficult. There is no way to repair the harm through a law suit. Our goal is to help families recover from the financial loss they face through losing their loved one’s lifetime earnings, and the countless ways in which the loss of the loved one will impact their family’s finances and quality of life.

Auto Accidents

Our firm has helped clients injured in auto accidents through no fault of their own to recover fair compensation for their injuries. We recognize that the injuries our clients endure impact many aspects of their lives: financial, work, and personal relationships. Our goal is to understand each of the ways our client has been impacted by the accident, and ensure that our client receives fair reimbursement to fully compensate them for the injuries they have suffered and how those injuries have impacted their life.

Dog Bite Cases

Each year, 4.5 million individuals are bitten by dogs. In some cases, dog bites can cause serious injuries and leave permanent scars. Under Wisconsin law, when dog owners are aware that the dog has previously bitten another person, and allow the dog to jeopardize the health and safety of others, the individual who is bitten a second or third time by the dog is entitled to twice the monetary damages. While sometimes the permanent scarring caused by dog bites cannot even be fixed by plastic surgery, we strive to make sure our clients receive fair compensation for life-changing injuries.