Alex K

In October of 2020 my life I just took a an unpredicted turn and I ended up in jail facing 84 years prison time for a crime I did not commit. This was my first time to jail and it was scary. Not knowing the system was the hardest part, additionally being innocent and in jail on crazy allegations of kidnapping, false imprisonment, and many others charges has brought me doubts in our Justice system. . . Working with Corey Mehlos eased my pain in this nightwear. . . . Corey won a lot of motions that established how the alleged victim lied about prior allegations against me and prosecutor decided to dismiss 9 felonies days before trial . . . Working with Mehlos Law Group I felt that I was protected from malicious prosecution. The dedication was tremendous and I know ultimately I was proven innocent and for that I’m thankful to Corey Mehlos.