Collin B.

I was charged with Domestic Battery and also received a Temporary Restraining Order. I was completely innocent. My ex-gf had made up a story about me hitting her and then tried to support the story with manufactured evidence. I was mortified. I came across Corey after doing a Google search. At the time he only had 50 reviews, but the thin I noticed was the 5 stars throughout all the reviews. Corey worked many many hours….way more than you would get from any other lawyer that’s for sure. He takes it personal and works harder than any other lawyer I know. He checked in many times and was easy to talk to. He was very thorough in his strategy and looked at it from many different angles. He was able to get both restraining order and charges for the for the Domestic Violence Battery dropped. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a good lawyer who is not just after a paycheck. Corey is that lawyer. Hire him, you won’t find better, you won’t be disappointed!