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We bring a team approach to our clients’ cases. Our philosophy is to collaborate with our team of leading experts from across the country, experienced investigators, paralegals, legal assistants, and ultimately our clients and their families to identify our clients’ goals and achieve the best possible results in every single case. We strive to master every aspect of our craft. We know the lives of our clients and their families depend on it.

Our team philosophy has proven to be successful for our clients. Please see our Client Testimonials and Results for examples of how we consistently achieve outstanding results for our clients in challenging cases.

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Attorney Tim Casper

Attorney Tim Casper is a highly experienced trial lawyer who has tried numerous cases, in areas such as personal injury, commercial litigation, professional liability, medical malpractice, construction, products liability, securities, employment, labor, toxic tort, insurance defense, and criminal matters, among others. His experience includes complex litigation, such as asbestos litigation and the Ford/Firestone litigation. He has successfully tried cases before juries and judges in state and federal courts for both plaintiffs and defendants. In addition, Casper has argued cases in various appellate courts, and served as an arbitrator and mediator.

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Attorney Corey Mehlos

Attorney Mehlos brings a team approach to successfully litigating cases. He effectively collaborates with our team of legal professionals, our clients, and leading experts to find the best solution for our client’s cases. That formula has consistently resulted in outstanding outcomes for our clients. For each of the past 4 years, Super Lawyers has named him a Rising Star in the state of Wisconsin. Please refer to statements from our clients, their family members, and our colleagues below for examples of the impact that Attorney Mehlos has made on our client’s cases.

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Marathon County– Attorney Mehlos’s 26 year-old client was facing up to 72 years in prison on charges of First Degree Reckless Endangerment of Safety, Possession With Intent To Distribute A Controlled Substance, Possession of A Firearm As a Felon, and Delivery of A Controlled Substance. The client maintained his innocence. At the preliminary hearing, Attorney Mehlos succeeded in petitioning to dismiss all charges due to lack of probable cause. The client was able to walk out of jail a free man.

Sheboygan County– Attorney Mehlos’ 17 year-old client was charged two counts of Second Degree Sexual Assault and 4 other criminal charges. He was facing up to the rest of his life in prison if convicted. It took Attorney Mehlos 8 months and 5 bond motions to lower his cash bond from $35,000 to $500 so that he could be released from jail, allowing him to come home to his family for the holidays. He was adamant that he was innocent and never gave up. On the eve of trial, Attorney Mehlos was able to come to a resolution with a fair-minded prosecutor that allowed the client to walk away from the case without a criminal record, and without spending another day in jail, ending his two-year nightmare.

Brown County– Attorney Mehlos’s 45 year-old client was facing up to more than two decades in prison on 4 felony and 3 misdemeanor criminal charges. He maintained his innocence. Attorney Mehlos succeeded in persuading the prosecutor to dismiss all 7 charges before trial.

New Holstein– Client, a 19 year-old with a clean record was charged with First Offense Drunk Driving. Attorney Mehlos took the case to trial and prevailed, resulting in the judge finding her Not Guilty.

Manitowoc County– Attorney Mehlos’ 26 year-old client was facing up to more than 32 years in prison, 4 felony charges, and 5 misdemeanor criminal charges in 3 cases. Attorney Mehlos advocated for the client for 4 years until the parties were able to reach a fair resolution that allowed the client to move on with his life without a felony record or having to serve a day in jail.

Waupaca County– Attorney Mehlos’ client had his first offense drugged driving (Ambien medication) charge dismissed based on the prosecutor’s motion, saving the client’s driver’s license from being revoked. Attorney Mehlos has never lost a drugged driving case.

Winnebago County: Attorney Mehlos successfully argued that his client’s statement to the police in custody made when he was 16 years-old should be suppressed in a case alleging Attempted First Degree Intentional Homicide.

Calumet County: Attorney Mehlos’ Client, 53 years-old, was facing 59 felony identity theft charges and up to 354 years in prison if convicted. The jury acquitted her of all 59 felony charges at trial.

Outagamie County: Our 24 year-old client facing Felony Injury By Negligent Use of a Firearm had all charges dismissed after shooting his roommate in the leg based on Attorney Mehlos’ self-defense investigation and defense.

Sheboygan County: Attorney Mehlos filed multiple motions, resulting in the prosecutor dismissing Second Degree Sexual Assault allegations against a then-19 year-old client facing a Class C felony and up to 40 years in prison.

Sheboygan County: Attorney Mehlos filed a number of motions, and the prosecutor ultimately dismissed First Degree Sexual Assault charges that had been filed against our client, who was facing up to 60 years in prison.

Outagamie County: Prosecutor agreed to deferred conviction agreement, allowing Felony Eluding An Officer charges to be dismissed against our 20 year-old client.

Manitowoc County: Attorney Mehlos persuaded the prosecutor to dismiss Misdemeanor Battery charges against our client after establishing that she had been falsely accused.

Manitowoc County: Client, 38 years old, was facing 13 felony and misdemeanor charges. Attorney Mehlos successfully argued that the Court should suppress 7 of the Client’s criminal charges in one case due to a violation of his Fourth Amendment right based on a defective warrant. Separately, the Prosecutor dismissed the other six criminal charges after Attorney Mehlos alleged a separate violation of Client’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Manitowoc County: Client, a 38 year-old father of two girls and upstanding member of the community, was falsely accused of domestic battery by the mother of his children during a custody dispute. She had a bruise on her face following an argument and alleged that he punched her in the face. She also filed a restraining order against him. The Client’s professional reputation as well as custody and placement of his two daughters was on the line. Attorney Mehlos persuaded the Prosecutor to dismiss charges subject to a six-month Deferred Prosecution Agreement based on compelling evidence of the man’s innocence, including that the accuser had lied to police during previous criminal investigations as well as voice messages and text messages that contradicted her allegations.

Douglas County: Client was charged with Felony Maintaining A Trafficking Place together with a relative. The relative received a 7 year prison sentence. Attorney Mehlos successfully resolved the Client’s case without the Client having to spend a day in jail. In the three cases in which Attorney Mehlos represented the Client, the Client was facing up to 96 years in prison. He did not serve a day in jail.

Brown County: Client, a 30 year-old man, was facing multiple felonies for Possession of Controlled Substances while riding in a vehicle that fled police. Attorney Mehlos filed multiple motions before trial, resulting in the prosecutor dismissing all charges.

Manitowoc County: Client, a 53 year-old man was facing a charge of Drunk Driving- Fourth Offense. He was facing up to six years in prison and losing his driver’s license for life if convicted. Attorney Mehlos successfully moved the Court to suppress the evidence, resulting in all charges being dismissed.

Sheboygan County: Client, a 52 year-old male was facing up to a year in jail for his Third Offense Drunk Driving. Criminal charges were dismissed after the Judge agreed with Attorney Mehlos’ argument that the police officers had unconstitutionally trespassed on the Client’s property to question him. The successful motion saved the clients months in jail, loss of his driver’s license and substantial fines.

Sheboygan County: a 55 year-old man was facing up to six years in prison and loss of his driver’s license for the rest of his life. Attorney Mehlos filed several motions before trial resulting in the prosecutor dismissing all charges.

Sheboygan: Prosecutor dismissed Operating While Impaired (Prescription Medication)- First Offense following Attorney Mehlos’ investigation. Prosecutor agreed to amend charges to Reckless Driving, instead.

Sheboygan County– The jury found Attorney Mehlos’ client Not Guilty of First-Degree Intentional Homicide and Second-Degree Intentional Homicide at trial.

Calumet County: Prosecutor dismissed charges of possession of a controlled substance (THC) after Attorney Mehlos’ successful motion to suppress evidence, which demonstrated that the investigating officer violated the client’s Fourth Amendment rights.

Marathon County: Client, then 47 years old, was charged with First Degree Reckless Homicide- Delivering Drugs, Delivering Heroin, Delivering Schedule I/II Narcotic Drug, Felony Bail Jumping, and Possession of Narcotic Drug. The State dismissed Reckless Homicide charges and four other felony charges. Client plead to a single count of Delivery of A Controlled Substance.

Sheboygan County: First Degree Sexual Assault dismissed before Trial by prosecutor following the completion of Attorney Mehlos’ investigation.

Sheboygan County: 35 year-old man found not guilty of Fourth Degree Sexual Assault at Jury Trial.

Marinette County: 24 year-old Client was ordered expungement on Felony Possession With Intent To Deliver Controlled Substances.

Sheboygan Falls: First Offense Operating While Impaired dismissed by prosecutor.

Sheboygan County: Man facing First Degree Sexual Assault found not guilty by jury at trial.

Ozaukee County: Felony Possession With Intent To Deliver charges amended to possession of a Controlled Substance-Non-Schedule I (Misdemeanor).

Fond du Lac County: Client was charged with First Degree Sexual Assault of A Child, facing up to 60 years in prison. Attorney Mehlos filed numerous motions. The prosecutor dismissed all charges.

Shawano County: Client was facing up to 57 years in prison on charges on charges of Attempted Second Degree Sexual Assault/Use of Force, Second Degree Reckless Endangerment of Safety, Disorderly Conduct- Use of A Dangerous Weapon, Strangulation and Suffocation, and Theft. Following the preliminary hearing, the prosecutor agreed that client should plead to a single Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct and pay a small fine. The judge agreed, and the Client did not serve a single day in jail.

Sheboygan County: Client, 25 years-old was accused of Battery. The prosecutor agreed to diversion, resulting in the Client being able to have all criminal charges dismissed.

Sheboygan County: Client, a 17 year-old kid was arrested on a charge of Second Degree Sexual Assault and faced 40 years in prison. Following Attorney Mehlos’ investigation, all sexual assault charges were dismissed against the Client. He was offered diversion rather than jail or prison.

Sheboygan County: Client, 37 year-olds, was accused of Strangulation for allegedly choke slamming his girlfriend down a set of stairs following a night of drinking. Attorney Mehlos persisted in litigating the case, and the Prosecutor ultimately dismissed charges before Trial.

Lincoln County: Client found not guilty of Drunk Driving- 3rd offense at Jury Trial. State alleged client was drunk based on 0.328 BAC. Attorney Mehlos earned a full acquittal on all counts.

Sheboygan County: 37 year-old was found Not Guilty at trial alleging Felony Child Abuse and Felony False Imprisonment. Jury took 16 minutes to acquit him of both counts.

Sheboygan County: 26 year-old man with no criminal record found not guilty at trial alleging Disorderly Conduct.

Lincoln County: Female client found not guilty of Second Degree Operating While Impaired following a mistrial. The prosecutor agreed to offer diversion, resulting in all charges being dismissed.

Lincoln County: Charges of three criminal felony counts alleging Party To A Crime in Possession With Intent To Deliver Controlled Substances were dismissed against 26 year-client. Her co-defendant was convicted of the same allegation and sentenced to two years in prison.

Oneida County: Attorney Mehlos successfully negotiated 16 felony charges related to possession or distribution of a controlled substance for 50 year Client, resulting in man pleading to three misdemeanor bail jumping charges and serve 60 days in jail.

Oneida County: Successfully persuaded prosecutor to dismiss Felony Battery and two counts of Misdemeanor Battery in stabbing case.

Marathon County: Felony Drug Trafficking charges dismissed against 21 year-old client where drugs were found in the apartment he shared with a friend.

Lincoln County: 2 Felony Bail Jumping charges dismissed following the Preliminary Hearing.

Langlade County: Attorney Mehlos successfully moved to suppress evidence in criminal case alleging Deer Shining, resulting in criminal charges against the woman being dismissed.

Lincoln County: Prosecutor dismissed Operating While Impaired First Offense against female client following Attorney Mehlos’ investigation.

Lincoln County: Felony Strangulation and Misdemeanor Battery charges dismissed against 25 year-old man based on Attorney Mehlos’ investigation.

Lincoln County: Attorney Mehlos won the revocation case of a 25 year-old client accused of violating probation rules and facing a prison sentence.

Lincoln County: Attorney Mehlos successfully sued the County and a multi-million dollar company in a conditional use permit case.

Lincoln County: Successfully tried personal injury suit, resulting in the Client receiving the maximum amount of compensation for property damage.

Iron County: Attorney Mehlos, working for the Wisconsin Innocence Project, worked for 18 months coordinating an investigation strategy that resulted in the Client, a 53 year-old business owner who was wrongfully convicted of First Degree Sexual Assault having his 42 year prison sentence vacated, and being released from prison 26 years before his release date.

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