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Internet Sex Crimes Lawyers in Madison, WI Defending Clients’ Rights and Protecting Their Futures

Being accused of committing an internet sex crime can be an uncertain and terrifying experience that can cause far-reaching impacts on a personal level. The mere accusation of such a crime can lead to a great deal of public shaming and ostracism, which can have a major impact on your personal relationships, career prospects, and overall sense of self-worth.

Aside from the social stigma associated with such crimes, you may also face serious legal consequences. Even if the accusations are ultimately proven false, you may have to live with the lingering effects of the allegations for the rest of your life.

Internet sex crimes are taken very seriously by law enforcement agencies, and you may face a long and complicated, emotionally draining legal battle. In order to protect your rights and interests, it is essential for you to seek the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable internet sex crimes attorney in Madison. Call Casper Mehlos Law Group, LLC, today at (608) 820-8926 for a free initial strategy session.

What are Common Internet Sex Crimes?

A common type of internet sex crime involves people who send or receive photos, videos, and other materials containing nudity or sexual activity involving a minor. This is illegal because it exploits children and violates their right to privacy. Offenders can face serious legal penalties for this type of criminal activity, including hefty fines and extended prison sentences.

Another common type of internet sex crime involves the use of online chat rooms and websites to solicit minors for sexual activities. Crimes of this nature have commonly been showcased on shows like Dateline NBC. There is a slew of other internet sex crimes, including online sex trafficking, revenge porn, and grooming. If you have been charged with any of these sex crimes, it is imperative that you reach out to Casper Mehlos Law Group, LLC, for the strategic defense of your rights!

What are the Potential Penalties for an Internet Sex Crime?

For those who are found guilty of an internet sex crime, the penalties can be severe. Depending on the type of offense, punishments may include fines, imprisonment, and even registration as a sex offender for life. In some cases, individuals may also face restrictions on where they can go and what kind of job or occupation they can have.

In addition to criminal charges and potential jail time for an internet sex crime, those convicted may also face civil consequences. Civil claims arising from internet sex crimes may involve compensatory damages (to make up for financial losses caused by the defendant’s actions) and punitive damages (to punish the defendant). When facing such serious consequences, hiring experienced defense attorneys in Madison to answer the call and defend your rights is important.

Why Should I Hire an Internet Sex Crimes Lawyer in Madison?

Hiring an experienced internet sex crimes lawyer in Madison is essential for a number of other key reasons. A qualified defense lawyer from Casper Mehlos Law Group, LLC, can provide sound legal advice on everything from plea deals to court proceedings. Our team works hard to ensure that your case is handled fairly by the justice system and can represent you during any subsequent appeals or motions as well. With our help, your chance of avoiding serious legal penalties improves tenfold! Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Madison, WI, criminal defense law firm today for valuable help.

What are Common Internet Sex Crime Defenses?

Internet sex crimes are serious offenses that can have far-reaching consequences for those who are convicted. Fortunately, defendants do have some options when it comes to mounting a defense against such charges. Here’s an overview of some of the most common defenses used in internet sex crime cases.


In certain cases involving internet sex crimes, the defendant may argue they had consent to engage in the activities in question. This defense is typically used when both parties involved knowingly engaged in sexual activity, and there was no fraud or force involved. It is important to note that this defense is not always applicable; depending on the age of both parties and other factors, it may not be a viable defense.

Mistaken Identify

The defendant may also argue that they were wrongly accused of an internet sex crime due to mistaken identity. For example, if the victim was unable to accurately identify the perpetrator or there is evidence suggesting someone else committed the crime, this could be a valid defense.


If the defendant can prove that law enforcement officers entrapped them into committing an internet sex crime, then this may be used as a successful defense strategy. Entrapment occurs when law enforcement officers essentially coerce a person into breaking the law. In order for an entrapment defense to be applicable, it must be proven that the officers’ actions induced the defendant to commit the crime.

Lack of Knowledge

In some cases, a defendant may argue they were unaware an internet sex crime was taking place. For example, if a person unknowingly downloads child pornography or participates in the online solicitation of a minor, they could make an argument that they did not understand what they were doing was illegal.

When facing charges for an internet sex crime, it is important to retain experienced legal counsel who can provide guidance and advice during all stages of the process. Casper Mehlos Law Group, LLC, can evaluate your case and help you determine which defense option is right for you! Call today at (608) 820-8926 for a free consultation with our team!