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Madison Business Litigation Lawyers Helping Professionals Resolve Legal Complications

Regardless of your industry, you may become involved in a legal dispute at some point. After all, running a business requires you and your colleagues to sign and abide by a number of contracts. If one person accuses another of breaking any aspect of those contracts, they could take legal action. At that point, you will need experienced business litigation lawyers on your side.

Whether someone has accused you of wrongdoing and you need legal defense or you plan to initiate a lawsuit against someone else, we can assist you. At Casper Mehlos Law Group, we have spent years arguing on behalf of business professionals in and around Madison. We’re eager to protect your legal rights, so contact us to schedule an initial consultation with skilled, caring lawyers.

What Is Business Litigation?

Before initiating legal action, it’s important to understand how business litigation works. In most cases, your lawyer will try to settle your legal issue out of court to keep the process as quick and affordable for you as possible. This might involve examining contracts to determine the strength of the case, gathering supporting evidence, and helping you through mediation until a settlement is reached.

However, if your case cannot be settled out of court, business litigation lawyers have the skills necessary to confidently represent you in the courtroom. They will work hard to prepare for the trial, including requesting documents, talking to experts, and taking depositions during discovery. They will also draft motions and attend administrative hearings leading up to the trial.

Finally, they can argue the case on your behalf during the trial and the appeals process if necessary. Call our Madison law firm to learn more about how our lawyers can work toward justice for your business.

What Kinds of Cases Can We Handle?

Over the years, our legal team has successfully argued a variety of cases for clients facing legal disputes. Some examples of cases we can take on include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business dissolutions
  • Fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Employment disputes, such as wrongful termination
  • Shareholder issues
  • Franchise problems
  • Partnership disagreements
  • Licensing problems
  • Intellectual property legal disputes
  • Land use and zoning issues

Whether you have been accused of any of these issues or want to take legal action against someone else, our team can help. We encourage you to contact us to explain your legal dispute so we can begin working on your case as soon as possible. Our goal is to take care of all your legal needs to minimize any disruptions to your business when you’re facing a dispute.

When Should You Hire Business Lawyers to Represent You?

If you find out someone is bringing a lawsuit against you or your business, you should immediately start looking for a business litigation lawyer. Whether an employee is suing for discrimination or a competitor accuses you of wrongdoing, you’ll need legal advice.

However, this isn’t the only time to seek legal help. There are other instances where business lawyers can assist you.

For example, any time you’re considering making a significant change at your company, such as adjusting the business structure or ownership, you’ll need to talk to a lawyer. This is especially true if the change you’re making will affect shareholders or employees, as you’ll need to check that you’re within your legal rights.

Similarly, if you’re drafting or signing a new contract, you’ll need legal advice to ensure the terms are clear, enforceable, and fair. Additionally, if you plan to bring a lawsuit against someone, business litigation lawyers will handle all the legal details for you.

Why Should You Contact Our Madison Law Firm?

At Casper Mehlos Law Group, we believe you deserve to focus your time and energy on running your business, not worrying about legal disputes. That’s why we urge you to contact us when you have questions or concerns about your legal rights. Our team has successfully resolved business disputes for small and medium businesses and corporations across Wisconsin.

While our goal is to settle cases outside of court whenever possible, we will argue on your behalf in the courtroom when necessary. Whether you want to initiate a lawsuit or defend yourself against serious accusations, our business litigation lawyers in Madison will help. Call us at 608-298-7601 to discuss your case.