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Drug Conspiracy Lawyers in Madison, WI, Fighting Aggressively to Defend Individuals Charged With Criminal Offenses

Individuals charged with drug conspiracy face the possibility of being convicted and receiving what is known as “mandatory sentences.” Mandatory sentencing means that if the defendant is convicted, they must be sentenced to prison rather than being allowed to serve probation or participate in a diversion program.

A drug conspiracy charge is a complex legal issue that requires the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Often, law enforcement and prosecutors are overzealous and wrongly charge defendants with drug conspiracy when there is no conclusive evidence to support the charge.

If you have been charged with drug conspiracy, contact Casper Mehlos Law Group, LLC, of Madison, WI, and ask to schedule a free initial consultation. A qualified legal team member will gladly answer your questions and advise you of your legal options.

What Is the Legal Definition of Drug Conspiracy?

Drug conspiracy is a complicated legal issue and can often be difficult to comprehend. A drug conspiracy charge can be brought against multiple individuals if they have agreed to commit a drug crime. Under Wisconsin law, a defendant can be convicted of drug conspiracy if they intended to carry out their part of the crime even if the others did not.

However, in drug conspiracy cases, everyone involved in the plan shares the same amount of accountability for the crime, regardless of how much they participated. For this reason, every individual involved in the drug conspiracy can receive a lengthy prison sentence even if they did not play a significant role. If you still have questions about what constitutes drug conspiracy, contact the Casper Mehlos Law Group, LLC, so we may answer your questions.

Are There Different Types of Drug Conspiracies?

The United States has laws that apply to four types of drug crimes that can result in an individual being charged with drug conspiracy.

  • Manufacturing of a controlled substance: An individual may be charged with manufacturing a controlled substance if they had any part in the operation by which the drug was prepared or processed.
  • Possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute: If the prosecution can prove that an individual had drugs in their possession and intended to distribute them for profit, that person could be charged with drug conspiracy. The state often has additional evidence to support its claim that the defendant and others in the group intended to sell the drugs. Additional evidence may include large quantities of drugs, scales, or a substantial amount of cash.
  • Distributing a controlled substance: The charge of distributing a controlled substance can be brought against a group member if they delivered or sold illegal drugs to another individual. However, money does not necessarily have to be exchanged for this charge to be brought. Simply exchanging the drugs with the other person is sufficient to be charged with distributing a controlled substance.
  • Importing controlled substances: If an individual is part of a drug conspiracy to bring illegal drugs across the border, they will be charged in federal court. The criminal penalties for federal drug conspiracy are steep, and typically the defendant is sentenced to years in prison if convicted.

What Are the Criminal Penalties If Convicted of Drug Conspiracy?

The criminal penalties for drug conspiracy vary greatly depending on the type of charge and the number of drugs involved. Additionally, the penalties increase substantially if the defendant has a prior criminal record, especially drug-related convictions.

Because each type of drug has its own set of criminal penalties, anyone charged with conspiracy must speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately. An experienced drug conspiracy defense lawyer can provide information related to your specific charge.

Why Should I Hire Your Law Firm to Defend Me Against Drug Conspiracy Charges?

If you have been charged with drug conspiracy, you need a well-qualified lawyer to defend you against the serious charges you face. Our law firm has a proven track record of obtaining favorable results for our clients.

When we agree to take your case, our legal team will immediately begin to analyze the prosecution’s evidence against you. This evidence may include witness testimony, video evidence, and surveillance footage. First, we will review all the evidence and identify potential weaknesses in the case. Then, we will negotiate with the prosecution to try to reduce or dismiss your charges.

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