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Accused Of Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault?

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Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault is a Class A Misdemeanor. The maximum penalty if convicted is 9 months in jail and/or a $10,000.00 fine. In order to be found guilty of Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault, the State must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you had sexual contact with another person who did not give you consent.

Defenses against Fourth-Degree Sexual Assault are that no sexual contact took place between you and the person or that the person consented to the sexual contact.

Depending on whether there was a delayed report of sexual assault, there may no longer be DNA or other physical evidence necessary to prove one’s innocence. Nonetheless, our firm collaborates with leading experts and trained investigators to thoroughly investigate claims of sexual assault to ensure our clients are not wrongfully convicted of a false allegation of sexual assault. Please contact an attorney at our firm for a consultation and we look forward to discussing your case in further detail.

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