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Chanel C.

I hired Corey to help me with a serious allegation due to being around the wrong people and being falsely accused of a very serious crime. There were some bad facts that made police think I was involved. I first had a public defender so I was in jail on bond and told the government was recommending 10 years in prison for a crime I didn't commit. Once I hired Corey, literally everything changed. My family and I worked with Corey and within less than half the time I had the other attorney I was out of jail on bond to be with my family for the holidays. Corey and his investigator Chris helped track down important witnesses and filed motions that helped prove I was not involved with the crime so much so that the prosecutor agreed to drop that charge and I resolved my case without spending another day in jail. Corey was very personable, cared for me and my family, and worked with us to overturn every stone until we built the best possible defense that resulted in this incredible outcome. I highly recommend Corey and his team. Corey Thank You So Much!!! IM FOREVER GRATEFUL!
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