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Linda T.

Attorney Corey Mehlos is our hero! My husband had been in jail for 9 months & had a huge bond for a serious allegation. Corey was able to get his bond low enough so we could get him out of jail. The state recommended 7 years in prison for something my husband didn't do & he was able to win at the trial. Corey is the most hard working & dedicated attorney you will ever come across. I have gone into his office so upset & ready to give up, but just talking with him, I left feeling like somebody really does care & understands. When you talk with him, you know he is listening & explains things so well that anyone can understand. He answers any & all questions & honestly. This wonderful, caring, hard working, sympathetic, very funny & so intelligent attorney, has given my family our lives back & we can never thank him enough for that. If you want the world's best attorney, then you need Attorney Corey Mehlos. You will not be sorry. THANK YOU COREY MEHLOS for all that you have done for us. You truly are our hero!
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